J. Hadus and Associates, founded in 1989 has accounted for in excess of $750,000,000 in annuity premium. We are licensed in 30 states and have a combined in excess of 100 years Structured Settlement experience. We know the territory and the people who can make things happen. Equally important, they know us. We have developed excellent relationships with judges, insurance claims personnel, defense attorneys, and members of the plaintiff bar based on mutual respect and trust.

In Structured Settlements, getting the numbers right and specific to the needs of the case is important. However, how you get there, and even if you get there, often depends on what Structured Settlement company you choose. We will learn your business in order to better understand and appreciate your problems, with the goal of better serving your needs. We will watch over all elements of the settlement process to ensure that your interests are protected. All Structured Settlement documents will be reviewed by us prior to final execution. We guarantee to provide the best annuity quote from the strongest company.

We combine leading edge technology with an analysis of the human needs of a case to provide plans appropriate to the situation.

We will design a plan to compliment and assist your organization to the fullest extent possible. Serving as an additional resource at the settlement conference/facilitation, we will provide the support services necessary for successful case resolution including:

  • The ability and resources to react in a constantly changing situation
  • Functioning effectively under pressure
  • Attention to detail
  • Our Precision Quote System, which assures the right quote for the damaged claimant, based on a comprehensive needs analysis
  • Our portable offices including extensive use of laptop computers
  • Our relationship with the annuity companies
  • Access to top life care planners and Medicare set aside specialists
  • A working relationship with attorneys who specialize in special needs Trusts (Medicaid) and 468-B designated settlement fund trusts
  • Navigating the minefield of the new government regulations relating to Medicare’s interests in any settlement

Your problems become ours and we will work with you to deal with them in a timely manner, to your total satisfaction.

At J. Hadus & Associates, we feel that the “selling of the structure” is an integral part of the settlement process.

What we refer to as “the selling of the structure”, is the ability to deal effectively with questions/concerns during the process. Communicating the advantages of a Structured Settlement in comparison to other risk-based investments is important. (Please see “Benefits of a Structure” in this in website). Our partnership with you can take many forms, depending on the need. While we will work with you on whatever basis you desire, our preference is to be in attendance at the final settlement conference or facilitation in order to best protect your interests. We can develop new quotes on-site, deals with all areas of concern relative to the structures settlement and assist in other ways as the need dictates.

We will demonstrate the tax advantages of a structure, prepare custom tailored, needs-based plans and deal with the intangibles, i.e. the human factor, the peace of mind in knowing one doesn’t have the stress and worry of investing a lump sum and hoping it lasts as long as needed. Often how something is presented is as important as what is. The fact that one can’t outlive a lifetime guaranteed annuity also can be factor so important in these times of great financial turmoil and uncertainty. As is the assurance that the settlement will work as intended, to compensate the damaged claimant for future loss. Consider that if a cash lump sum had been invested one year ago in an indexed fund, at least 50% of the money would now be gone.

Our position is that this is not money to be subject to any undo risk. Basic life needs should be covered first and then, if there are discretionary funds left over, it may be appropriate to get involved in risk-based investments; secure in the knowledge that the fundamental necessities of life have been provided for.